oh, HEY there- I'm Courtney!

Nice to meet ya! I'm 29 years young, Beaverton OR living but born in sunny California. I'm lucky enough to have traveled all over the US with my studly husband (& sometimes 2nd shooter), and I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

​I will never turn down a burger, and you can usually find me in yoga pants and a sweatshirt unless it's something I have to get ready for. 

​I'm Goodwill's #1 fan and sometimes I get this weird intuition that I'm going to absolutely score, and it never seems to fail me. Ask me if you want to hear some crazy stories - never underestimate the treasures you may find!

​Our life is usually 'on-the-go' which often means we are living out of suitcases whenever we can. We are always dreaming up our next next adventure, and if you want to join us - as always, the more the merrier!

​I love Jesus, and he's the Lord and Savior of my life. I'm confident I wouldn't be the person I am today without His love, grace and mercy on my life. I knew I always wanted to be a photographer, and now I pinch myself that it's my reality. I get to be more than the person who delivers your photos after our time together. I want to get to know you, be your friend, and help guide you through the whole planning and preparation process. I will hike miles and move mountains for you if I must, so just know - I'll be your #1 hype (wo)man. All day, everyday. You deserve nothing less.

​Reach out! Let's be friends, collab together, go on an epic adventure, play pickleball, take some rad photos, plan a spikeball date, have a game/wine night, create community, form real relationships, because after all -- isn't that what this thing called life is all about?

I'm an open book, so feel free to ask me questions! I don't care if its personal or photography related - ask away!

Oregon Photographer posing in front of a lake and mountains with camera and gear

Oregon Wedding Photographer in front of lake holding camera

I can't wait to meet you and explore pretty places together!

Photographer wearing blue dress directing groomsmen where to go during group photo

Male photographer taking a picture of a bride and groom in Bend, OR in a forest

Let's go adventure. I promise the session will be full of joy and laughter! TRUst me, I dare you!