Trying to decide where to take your engagement Photos?!

You've come to the right spot

If you're trying to decide where you want to get engagement photos done in Oregon, you've already won. You selected a GORGEOUS state with so many options for photo locations! You can't lose here. The biggest question you have to ask yourself - what type of backdrop do I want and what what will that look like in the season I'm planning my photos for? Let me help you with some ideas!


  1. Oregon Coast
  2. Columbia River Gorge
  3. Local Parks/Lakes Near Portland
  4. Mount Hood

1. tHE oregon coast

This is always one of my top choices as a photographer if you're feeling adventurous and you don't mind a bit of a drive out to the coast! The weather can be very unpredictable - but that's part of the fun! I'd say, if you expect foggy/rainy/cold weather you're on track. Then if you get surprised with a sunny nice warm day - it'll be the bonus! You should be prepared for anything, and even if it's raining - it'll be so much fun! A few of my top Oregon coast recommendations are:

  • Cannon Beach
  • Pacific City
  • Hug Point State Recreation Site
  • Astoria
  • Manzanita

You can assume you'll get some great shots with the ocean behind you, and if you choose a beach with a large rock you can bet that will make an appearance too! If you happen to get a nice sunset, BONUS. The colors at the coast are always magical, no matter what the weather is. You can play in the beach grass, roll around in the sand, and even get your feet wet if you and your partner are up for it! You can count on it being a super fun day, and bring a change of clothes for the drive home! There's a good chance you'll be sandy & wet! I'd recommend making a day of it, and show up early if we are doing a sunset shoot to enjoy the views or stay after our shoot together and grab a bite to eat and/or make a fire and have a picnic on the sand! There are unlimited options when it comes to the Oregon Coast, and I'd be happy to help you plan the perfect day while getting photos done along the way! Tip: If you can go on a weekday, I 100% recommend this. Weekends get crazy busy and you'll be surrounded by ALL your closest friends if you know what I mean!

Girl and Boy holding hands walking on the Oregon coast in front of large rock at Cannon beach

Cannon Beach, OR - Pros: Shortest drive time from Portland, many shops/restaurants to check out! You can also check out Ecola State Park while you're there to get a 2nd photo location! Cons: Busiest with crowds, especially on the weekends, parking can be a challenge

Boy holding girl while kissing on the beach with ocean behind them in Oregon

Pacific City, OR - Pros: Less crowded and a large sand dune to hike awesome views, campfires allowed on the beach! Lots of variety for photos without having to drive anywhere!Cons: Driving distance from Portland

Girl and boy looking at each other while smiling and standing in beach grass on top of a hill with ocean in the distance

Astoria, OR - Pros: Large variety of backgrounds (bridges, lighthouse, state parks, beach) and can cross over to the WA side easily! Cons: You'll likely have to drive between locations for different 'desired' backgrounds, fees to enter parks/cross bridge

2. Columbia River Gorge

The Gorge is known to be windy, but WORTH IT. As a photographer, I'll never pass on an opportunity to do photos out in this pretty place! There are so many 'destinations' within the "Columbia River Gorge" and you won't be disappointed. You obviously have the river, the vast cliffside on each side, waterfall hiking locations, wildflowers depending on the season, and views for days! You can get to a popular photo spot within 45ish min of Portland, or if you're willing to drive a little more, 1.5 hours (depending on traffic) in the car will put you at one of the most desired photo locations in the whole state!

One of my favorite spots along the Columbia River Gorge is the Government Cove Peninsula near the Cascade Locks. This is the closest location to Portland (45ish min)and has some of the best views! You can stop at any of the state parks along the way, but I'd recommend driving out at least this far! I have some secrets for this location, and if you book a session with me - I'll share them all!

Rowena Crest Viewpoint is another favorite! This is a longer drive from Portland, but worth it. If it's spring, you'll be surrounded by wildflowers galore and the views are to die for. I can get creative and get a photo with you and the classic Rowena Curves! If it's Fall - you'll get the gorgeous golden trees in the background! It's hard to beat!

Waterfall Hikes! There are a multitude of waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge, and you can incorporate these into your photoshoot day! I'd recommend making this a 'pit stop' instead of the full shoot, but that's up to you and your photographer! If you are stopping by - do it at the end of your session (you are likely to get wet from the mist!) and make it FUN! I'd stay away from the classic Multnomah Falls due to high volume crowds and regulations keeping you from getting a great photo of the falls with you in it. A better option is Latourell Falls, which requires a short hike but much better opportunities for incredible photos! Ask me about it, and I'll help you plan a day to incorporate this in!

Girl and boy hugging and kissing while standing on a rocky formation with the Columbia River Gorge in the distance

Government Cove Peninsula - Pros: 45 min from Portland, variety in backgrounds for photos, on top of the world vibes. Cons: Popular photo spot, so it may be crowded, usually windy.

Rowena Crest Viewpoint - Pros: Classic OR photo location that will make your friend's jaw drop, near Hood River so you can spend the day exploring, unbeatable views! Cons: Can be a journey to get to from Portland depending on traffic, likely to be busy especially in 'peak' seasons!

3. local parks/Lakes

If you don't want to travel far and would rather stay local there are many options! Depending on where you live, I'm happy to find a spot that works best for you! Some of my favorites are:

  • Graham Oaks Nature Park (Wilsonville)
  • Rood Bridge Park (Hillsboro)
  • Hoyt Arboretum (Portland)
  • Jenkins Estate (Beaverton)
  • Minto Brown Island Park (Salem)
  • Henry Hagg Lake

These parks all have their gorgeous spots, and I've done many photos at each location! You will get the forestry vibe with areas of open space and a very 'Oregon' feel when selecting any of these spots. I know the hidden gems of all these locations, so feel free to ask if you want more details!

Graham Oaks Nature Park (Wilsonville)

Henry Hagg Lake

4. Mount Hood Area

You can't go wrong with Mount Hood. No matter the time of year, it's a gorgeous backdrop and I'm confident we can find a spot that you'll love. Spring/summer is beautiful for bright greens, sunny skies (hopefully) and a gorgeous mountain in the distance. Winter you get SNOW and we can make an adventure of it. Whether you want to ski down Timberline after doing photos near the lodge (this is my dream photoshoot!), hike into Mirror Lake for the reflection, snowshoe at While River West Sno Park, or adventure into Trillium Lake - I'm here for it. We can do all these same location in the summer when there isn't snow, too! Let's make an adventure of it! I have some awesome food recommendations for you if we head out that direction- feel free to ask!!